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Secure payment

Our secure payment

We have two payment methods, depending on where you are you will get a choice of one or both.

Using PayPal

PayPal is a third party financial institution that is required to be licensed to carry on it's business in Australia. It allows you to pay with a number of methods including credit card, bank transfer and if you have a PayPal account balance, with that.

When you select PayPal, you are taken to a PayPal server (not our server) where you enter your payment details. Your payment is processed and the funds are put into our PayPal account and PayPal lets our server know that you have paid. This means at no time is your financial details entered into or stored on our system.

The transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *ELECTRONHOB and will probably have some numbers after it depending on how your bank does it's statements.

Using credit card directly on our site

On our site, whenever you are in a part that you are sending sensitive information like you name, address, and credit card details, the link between you and us is secured using an encryption technology known as SSL. You can see this by our web address starting with https:// instead of http:// and the lock that appears in your browser (see your browser help for where to see the lock).

When you enter your card details, that information is transmitted to the payment processing company. We tell the payment processing company:

  • your name
  • billing address
  • shipping address
  • and the amount of the purchase including shipping

On a successful transaction, the funds are transferred to our bank account instantly and the process continues to shipping stage.


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