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A GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver is a multi-channel radio that receives a time-stamped signal from satellites along with the position of the satellite. The GPS receiver calculates the distance from the satellite based on the time-stamp, the speed of light and the position of the satellite to calculate it's position using one or more navigation equations.

The GPS will use this information to output this information usually in the form of an NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) string which contains a variety of information including latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and direction of travel. Speed and direction are based on the latest reading and the one before it.

A GPS receiver needs to receive a clear signal from at least 4 satellites and often receives signals from more that 4 to improve the accuracy of the data.

Wikipedia has a very good article on GPS for further reading at

We are growing our selection of GPS modules for use in your project constantly, so do check back regularly.


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